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Pinch of Salt Blog

  • Man on Fire
    Cooking over hot coals is the measure of a man, making & controlling fire is what has helped us rise above the rest of the animal kingdom and braaing is what sets men apart from other men. It is an unspoken language in which you are sized up by peers and are judged to be […]
  • Are you a good customer?
    We are winding down after a busy season and as usual a tirade is unleashed of how restauranteurs are hell-bent on taking their customers to the cleaners, on turning a quick buck and cashing in on season. But there is another side to this coin, and that is that restaurants have to deal with the […]
  • Bread Making
    It is immensely satisfying to bake an honest loaf of bread full of flavour, with a rich, tantalising aroma. Good nourishing bread has been held in high esteem since the age of the Pharaohs, and rightly so. The bread you eat today is a slice of social history. The basic ingredients used by these ancient […]
  • Egg Tips
    Omelettes: Always use free-range eggs – happy chickens lay tasty eggs. Wherever possible use a non-stick pan, otherwise a well-seasoned cast iron pan, but make sure that your frying pan has rounded sides for rolling the omelette. Whatever your filling, remember that things like spinach, onions or mushrooms should be cooked first – a folded […]
  • Fish Tips
    Buying Try to always buy fish from sellers who support the Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI). Ask questions as to the origins and methods of harvest. The freshness of the fish used in any cooking will have a direct effect on the result. Good shopping is an integral part of good cooking. Things to […]
  • Braai Tips
    Know your heat source – think about what you are about to cook and how much heat it might need. When cooking multiple types of meatalways put what takes longest on first. Season your meat before you cook it, just before you put it on the grill, it helps the juices form and nice tasty […]
  • Wine and Food Tourism
    I think we need to look at our own definition of regionalism in a new world context rather than that of a European, specifically French, perspective. The New World, particularly South Africa, does not have specific wine growing regions in so far as recognised cultivars – namely, everybody grows a bit of everything. With this […]
  • Stocks and Sauces
    Stocks are flavoured liquids and for the purposes of our recipes, our stocks are flavoured with meat bones and vegetables. Roasting of bones for our meat sauce is important for the colour but be careful, while a dark colour is required too dark or burned will taint your stock and you will have to throw […]
  • Curing & Smoking
    Curing is the process whereby liquid is removed from a cut of meat or whole bird with the use of salt in order to preserve that meat. There are two methods of curing with salt: Dry cure – this is where a cut of meat is either very heavily seasoned or completely covered in salt. […]
  • Food and Whisky
    The idea of pairing whisky with food may seem like a novel one, but if one looks closer at the various elements that make up a good whisky one finds all manner of possibilities. The complexity of whisky makes it a great food partner on a number of different levels. The wood and peaty elements […]
  • Mzoli’s
    Meat and the copious consumption thereof seems to be a bit of a thread lately; in keeping with that theme, I must relate my experience at Mzoli’s in Gugulethu. Mzoli’s is the quintessential meat restaurant that has achieved a somewhat iconic status in Cape Town, but beware: it is not for the faint of heart […]
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